giganta current update [color]

…here’s 3 pages of the current update all done, some serious giant lady porn. previous giganta thread is here
Is getting close to the finish of this project, maybe 3 or 4 more pages max.




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  2. Perfect :D

  3. Translation: 4 more months to go.

  4. NOW THAT IS SOME MEAN SHIT!! TOTALLY AWESOME MAMA!!! Stick a fork in those two, they are done(well, not right away, need to struggle a bit, hopefully, lol).

  5. That third panel in the bottom left with the view inside the building is hilarious. Its really awesome, I just can’t stop laughing at it.

  6. Fucking lol!

  7. Awesome lets hope we can please keep a flow.

  8. Good! Now all dat needa b done is color it an’ then we can all enjoy it more.

  9. Epic. This is the demise of the two heroes. There gonna end up dripping into an open manhole cover. Once gigantas done, she’s goona flop down her ass and sleep. The anal view for the civilians is gonna be fuckin epic. I am sooo looking forward.

  10. Beautifully titillating as always Mama!


  11. Is there going to be more farting? Please let there be more farting.

  12. shoulda had batman and wonder woman, sliding across the window in the internal view panel

  13. 4pages =4months for ink. Then 5 months for color

  14. So true loll

  15. I can’t help but think that what occurs in the second panel–”EAT MY CUNT, BITCHES!!!”– is exactly what mamabliss wishes to say (and do) to those who’ve harangued her about the time it’s taken her to finish the Giganta strip.

  16. lol noman..

  17. lqtm

  18. Where is the other pages?

  19. What about page 52 and 53 colored?

  20. Hm. I missed page 53. I thought that you would post all of the pages on the same link like you did with the previous Giganta posts. You still could have added one page a day.

  21. The only thing that would make it better is more farting.

  22. Here’s what Mama’s said: “…so here is page 54 in color. i’m not posting this strictly in order but i needed to put something up here..”

    So if I understand well we will get to see all the pages in due time.

  23. Yum ;P

  24. Did a page just go poof?

  25. Wheres page 53?

  26. “i’m not posting this strictly in order”

    There’s your answer Anonymous.

  27. Nice work! Can’t wait to see the rest.

    As others suggested, it would be nice to have a small fart inserted somewhere in the story before the end. :)

  28. @ Corsair
    I know she said that. I thought that I had missed page 53 because I had seen page 52 uncolored and then I read comment #19, so I thought that I had missed a page.

  29. so has this come to a holt?

  30. Patience, Anonymous. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  31. You’re playing with my emotions again mama!

  32. See? It’s here. And it is EPIC!

  33. I built Rome in a day. With slaves.

  34. In all honesty…even though it’s Giganta, I’d still imagine all that glass and debris would do terrible things in such a delicate area… ಠ_ಠ

  35. Oh. My mistake.

  36. @Raena

    That’s why I can never understand Giant Males, At least females can use something smooth like a plane, whatever you stick your penis into WILL BE SHREDDED TO NOTHING

  37. Truly awesome.

  38. @Raena

    All the giantess fun comes from the fact she’s invincible. Otherwise this comic would be boring (or when you think about it most gts story would be boring if they would be too realistic). :)

  39. @ # 36
    @ Cosair
    Aren’t window’s in skyscrapers made out of safety glass and therefore not susceptible to breaking off into large shards?

  40. Can’t wait to see what will happen to that tiny chopper!

  41. AMESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  42. yes.. but the glass you see.. is breaking innnnwards \o/ and then getting swept away innna tidal wave of fluids. sooo there!

  43. Does this mean the updates have stopped

  44. #43 @Anonymous

    Yes, the story ends like that.

  45. lol so there…

  46. Too bad we didn’t get a panel for the epic view of ass with everyone staring. I hope we get the pissing ending, I doubt it though.

  47. @ mamabliss


  48. Nice work !

  49. And so the wait begins anew

  50. And so the bitching begins anew

  51. And so does the mindless defending

  52. Fuck Off!

  53. aren’t we articulate today.

  54. I am gayz.

  55. My troll senses are tingling…

  56. Kids, play nice.

  57. I find all this arguing difficult to masturbate to.

  58. @Anon: Your senses are right, of course you understood comment #52 wasn’t really from me.

  59. Yeah, I kinda got that feeling.

  60. I half expect bats… to pull out some kind breather..

  61. so will this finish up soon?

  62. #61 Yes, soon my children, really really soon! Mouaaaahahahahahahaha! (demonic laughter)

  63. @62, that brings all new levels of discomfort.

  64. c’mon MAMABLISS. Can’t stop the rock! You were doing so well! Totally making it worth it to stay subscribed despite what detractors said.

  65. maybe theres a christmas special coming… “shrugs”

  66. Htstar, it’s nice to have wishful thinking.

  67. If we have to wait until Christmas, it better be good.

  68. Hey Mama, I was wondering if we could ever see a time lapse video of you drawing, inking and coloring at least two pages of your work. One could have simplified images, not too much is going with the story in the context that we’re given and the other page could have a lot of action and characters in it.

  69. we done now?

  70. @65 If there is a Christmas special coming , I hope it’s the holiday one I commished!

  71. we can only hope, and wait.. ho ho ho

  72. Oh here we go now

  73. Since anyone can write any name when posting, that’s provably not the real mamabliss..

  74. Elementary my dear Watson. I concur with your statement.

  75. Yes, only Mamabliss can confirm the “authenticity” of posters by matching standard e-mail addresses with the standard handles those people post under.

    Ironically, however, since none of us can tell who the real Mamabliss is this doesn’t do any of us any good as a fake miss Bliss can easily “confirm” or “deny” whatever handle-email relationship without any of us being the wiser.

    Mamabliss really needs to have a special bright red “Moderator” tag or something equivalent that can’t be faked by random passerbys on a whim. Alternatively the real Mamabliss could just avoid posting in the comments and only respond to the comments via new top level journal posts. We would still need to be informed that this would be the plan for it to have any effect though.

  76. will the real mamabliss please stand up, please stand up

  77. Freebird!

  78. @cischiral

    And I would add that all comments should be available only after you logged in with a username & password, previously verified with a valid e-mail address. Otherwise you can’t have any form of control.

  79. @Corsair: yes that would be a way to maximize control, but I am not personally of the opinion that maximum control is necessary here. Just some means of verifying authenticity if need be, perhaps to prevent some sort of instigated flame war or drama fest, and a way to instantly recognize messages from the actual Mamabliss. More control then that is really unnecessary for this corner of the internet in my opinion and would squelch the casualness of these message threads which I think is very appropriate and well fit to this venue.

  80. Is this project going to be finished or not, honestly if it’s sjut a few pages shouldn’t we jsut get done with it?

  81. She still owes me a commission for one more page on this. So there should be a lot less than a few pages left…

  82. I find the person writing under other peoples alis, a sad unmature person

  83. @mamabliss: lol

  84. Ooh. Hurts hurts hurts

  85. I doubt batman can stay dead… HE IS THE GODDAMN BATMAN!!!

  86. @ Mamabliss
    Mama there’s one thing you should know…

    We didn’t start the flame war!

  87. I cant spell ‘immature’, aren’t i just a tard?

  88. Yes.

  89. ok i hate to take my classyness away from myself.. but the person acting as me.. go fuck yourself.. you self centered egotistical peice of **** . and as you sit waking your little toy.. laugh it up.. as your brain and toy are très petit

  90. hey its me [really] yes there will be another 3-4 pages of giganta.. and after that another GTS comic i have lined up. am sorry about it taking a while but my work in general is in a state where everything is a bit of a mess so all must suffer. also this thread, i deleted a few comments in the interest of tidyness which now make other comments not make as much sense but in general you arent missing anything. seriously as a drama this thread ranks pretty low.

  91. @htstar©: u mad bro?

  92. keep doing the art thing

    and we’ll keep to the drama.
    its what we’re best at.

  93. Trolling is a sign of small and insignificant genitalia.

  94. Good thing i’m a girl then *troll face*

  95. Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?