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froggy girls [preview, updated #9]

… so this is another Cici/lucy frog girl TF comic…
UPDATE:page#2 roughed out, penciling continues.

UPDATE:page#3 as a character Cici is rather simplistic, she doesn’t wear clothes, has hair parted in the middle almost to the ground… and she capriciously turns guys into animals. that’s about it. also girls into animals but thats just in the service of the narrative.

UPDATE:page#4 tongue stuff.

UPDATE:page#5 and on to the tits..

UPDATE:page#6 big tits..

UPDATE:page#7 …annnd back to work, heavy girl/girl frog action..

UPDATE:page#8 …the general rule about sex stuff in these is that its ok as long as people are sorta around the same stage of transformation. so no pure-human female sexxin it up with werewolves or horses, that would be the ‘b’ word… but if they’re both growing ears or having long tongues is fine.

UPDATE:page#9 …ok, time to finish up these roughs.. page 9


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the Sentence [preview]

Special Deliver [m/equine TF]

almost done with this…

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special delivery [in progress]

Diary of a vixen [posted]

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