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ok, there was a request for this, for historical purposes only since it's not being updated..

commisions-->Yes, commissions are open again, e-mail me if your interesting in having something done. I generally charge 10 a page for black and white and 20 for color. I'm going to be taking things a bit slow at the moment so some patience might be required, don't want to get behind on stuff again.

..out with a cold [update 5] out with a nasty cold at the moment. A situation that’s compounding a bout of ‘not being able to get stuff done’. It’s a chronic condition i’ve been battling i think since i was twelve or so when i first decided i should write stories. I couldn’t of course, especially since i was attempting to duplicate The Lord of The Rings… a tough road to follow. I decided wisely to draw things instead since even if one lacks polish one can get away by implementing technique, a decent mess of cross hatching will go a long way in the substance department.

My point is that i’ve kept at this because i believe if i can only scatter my demons i can assume my true art-god form. The people who complain in the comments thread here and bemoan my shortcomings are right, i’ve been under preforming. Making things all bolluxed up and complicated when they should be smooth and super easy.

Format is everything. If George RR martin was doing his opus in the form of a stick figure comic with fart jokes he’s have been done ages ago. The Shasta comic is working out well in that regard. I’m not actually spending that much time on it, quite often it does go super smooth. So i am clinging to that capability as i attempt to grind my wheels of industry from one state of things to another.

UPDATE 4/13: i continue to be ill .. is unpleasant but in no way life threatening, the kiddie pool of human suffering.

UPDATE 4/16:this continues to be a nasty bit of sick, i seem to be getting better though since my eyeballs no longer have a thin coating of mucus.

UPDATE 4/18:feeling better, just a regular cold at this point which i’m fixing by sleeping 24/7…

UPDATE 4/21: am feeling worse instead of better and parts of my mouth are swollen up that shouldn’t be. this really is a nightmarish bit of f##kery.

UPDATE 4/22: yeh yeh, feelin better, isnt influenza.


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